1. 25 09 23

    Further East

    Pictures from inside the 2023 Further East race, a 680km mixed terrain, time trial around East Anglia.

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  2. 07 09 23

    Snapshots from the Silk Road

    Albion rider Josh Ibbett shares his experience of the 2023 Silk Road Mountain Race.

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  3. 22 08 23

    Packing for the Pyrenees

    What do you pack for a 500km off-road race which mixes cycling and hiking?

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  4. 10 08 23

    Preparing for the Silk Road Mountain Race

    Josh Ibbett prepares for the Silk Road Mountain Race, a 1800 kilometre race around Kyrgyzstan.

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  5. 03 08 23

    Riding Home

    Three friends ride 200km halfway across the country from Leeds to Lincolnshire in a spring heatwave on gravel, grass and everything in between.

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  6. 24 07 23

    A dot watcher and a racer

    Nicky Shaw is contributing editor at DotWatcher and an ultra distance racer.

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  7. 20 07 23

    Outsiders: Marin de Saint-Exupéry

    We spent a couple of days at home with Marin de Saint-Exupéry in Switzerland as he prepares for his fourth Trans Continental Race.

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  8. 13 07 23

    Outsiders: Lorah and Josie

    As part of a new series exploring life outside, we met up with Lorah Pierre and Josie Lori on their home trail along the South Downs Way.

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  9. 26 06 23

    Cent Cols: Traverse 66

    66 years young, Phil Deeker is attempting one final marathon ride through the mountains.

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  10. 13 06 23

    When the wind is on your back

    After nine months of bikepacking, we caught up with Boru McCullagh on his trip so far and what he's learned on the road.

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  11. 07 06 23

    The Tour Divide

    Justinas Leveika on traversing the length of the Rocky Mountains, from Canada all the way to the Mexican border.

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  12. 01 06 23

    Albion Racing

    A grassroots, amateur race team based in our home city of London.

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  13. 30 05 23

    Tenerife - where the ocean meets the mountains

    Dispatches from the Canary Islands by Albion ambassador Weronika Szalas.

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  14. 26 05 23

    The Highland Trail: a shifting perspective

    Rich Rothwell on completing a lap of the Highland Trail 550 with his 11 year old son, James.  

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  15. 19 04 23

    S/S23 - The Island

    Products for riding in the range of conditions encountered during the spring and early summer in the British Isles and beyond.

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