About us

Stay outside for longer.

At Albion, we make functional apparel and accessories designed to help you stay outside for longer.

Our products are for cyclists that go the distance on any terrain and in all conditions. We believe in the power of time spent outside and seek to make products that provide comfort on your biggest days out. Whether it's a long day out close to home, a bikepacking trip or an ultra distance race. 


As an outdoor company making clothing and equipment, we’re conscious of our impact on the planet. So, we try to be as responsible as we can, and we try to minimise our impact where we can. We endeavor to produce well-made products that last. We’re committed to using responsible fabric and material solutions, with it being a condition for all forthcoming and future product developments.

Our factories

We only work with factories that treat their staff fairly, and pay them properly. Currently, those factories are in Great Britain, Italy and China. Great Britain has a rich tradition of textile manufacturing which we admire and want to support. Italy is the heartland of technical cycling garment manufacture, and we proudly work with a family business with forty years’ experience developing technical clothing for professional teams in both road cycling and downhill skiing. China is home to some of the most technical manufacturing expertise in the world, especially in the area of technical outerwear, where we look to excel here at Albion.


We’re committed to making the best quality garments we can, at a fair price. Making premium technical garments using the best materials isn’t cheap though, and we appreciate that for our customers, buying one of our products is an investment. So it should feel like that, which is why we offer free lifetime repairs on all Albion products. You can find out more about our repairs service here, or by emailing repairs@albioncycling.com.

Thanks for visiting us. If you’d like to contact us about anything, then please send us an email to info@albioncycling.com.


Albion Outdoor Ltd.

Company number: 09621132