Repair Kit

26 11 21

Black Friday has come around again, and we’re using this year to expand our repairs offering with the launch of a new DIY Repair Kit.

The Albion Repair Kit is a set of iron-on patches for simple, quick, hassle free repairs at home or on the move.

All you need is a standard domestic iron, a cloth or tea towel, and an ironing board or table top, and you’ll be able to patch up minor tears or snags quickly and easily with minimal fuss.

The kit contains five different sized and shaped patches in colours designed to work with, and complement, the Albion colour palette, and they can be used on any of the fabrics in our range.

Sending a product in for repair can be a pain.

It can mean having to go without your product for a few weeks as it is sent back, processed for repair, and then sent back out.

There is the inconvenience of having to package up the item and arrange postage, and to cover the costs of shipping.

This process also has a footprint, with the garment having to make an additional two journeys, one back to us to be repaired, and another when it is sent back out.

The Albion Repair Kit is our attempt to expand and improve our repairs offering by removing some of these inconveniences.

Sometimes, a simple patch is all that is needed.

For a small one-off cost to cover sending it to you, we’ve created the Repair Kit as a simple way to help you get back on the road faster, more efficiently and with a reduced environmental impact.

There will be times when the Repair Kit won’t be the right answer to a repair, and in these instances we remain as committed as ever to repairing your gear via our free repairs service.

Our hope, though, is that the Repair Kit will give our customers new options when faced with a product that needs repairing, empowering them to make simple, positive choices about extending the life of their clothes for as long as possible.