Life is simple on the bike

Words by Weronika Szalas.

“My bike, the minimum of things I need in my daily life attached to it, and the mountains… my recipe for happiness.

I set off at the end of April leaving my life in a few cardboard boxes in my winter base, Tenerife.

Time flies, that makes already three months on the road.

I don’t have a goal, the journey itself is my destination.

It feels like home.

I trust my intuition and take the opportunities life prepares for me.

Since I’ve left it took me through south of Spain, Pyrenees, Italian and Swiss Alps.

Letting me cross paths with many amazing people along the way.

I stay outside as much as I can.

Cooking on the stove, bathing in the rivers, sleeping under the stars, exploring new places… for me these are luxuries of a modern life.

And time.

Having time not to rush anywhere.

A few weeks ago we met up again with @adamkolarski exploring some new and some known roads and off roads of Switzerland, what you can see in the pictures.

Since then we’ve crossed into the Italian Alps, heading towards the French ones soon.”

Follow Weronika on Instagram for daily updates from her travels.

Photos by @adamkolarski and @weronika.szalas.

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