Winter Warmer: Insulation Guide

With temperatures dropping here in the UK, the reality of winter riding is now upon us.

The British winter can be harsh, so if you get your riding done outside during the colder half of the year then it’s time to embrace the elements and prepare your kit wardrobe accordingly.

We spend alot of time riding in colder weather here at Albion, and have developed a range of products to help you brave the elements.

Insulated garments really come into their own at this time of year.

Lightweight, warm and breathable, these products combine protection from the elements with extreme comfort for riding and spending time outdoors in cold weather.

The developments in fabric and insulation technology in recent years have given us greater ability than ever before to create lightweight, warm garments that are also highly packable and breathable.

We use two types of insulation in our garments.

Clo Eco Vivo

Clo’s unique and patented Eco Vivo insulation concept is made using 93% recycled fibres from single-use plastic bottles and is characterised by a series of tiny apertures set within the insulation to enhance the breathability, without losing thermal performance.

Moisture is drawn away from the body and through the insulation, with tests demonstrating that the Vivo concept increases the breathability of the insulation by over 30%, when used between breathable fabrics.

The high breathability of this insulation, combined with its warmth to weight ratio, makes it very well suited for high intensity activities like cycling, and we use Clo Eco Vivo in our All Road Range of products for on-bike use.

Products that use Clo Eco Vivo: Insulated Jacket, Insulated Gilet, Ultralight Insulated Jacket, Burner.



Primaloft Gold Eco

PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation Eco offers best-in-class insulation designed for repeated compression and durability over time.

The patented microfiber structure captures body warmth, creating synthetic insulation which is highly heat-efficient.

Primaloft Gold Eco

Primaloft Gold is also water repellent and keeps you warm even when wet – it retains 96% of its warmth when wet.

Primaloft Gold Eco features in our new Zoa range, with its combination of warmth, loft, softness and breathability making it the ideal insulation for these versatile performance products for both on and off bike use.

Products that use Primaloft Gold Eco: Zoa Insulated Jacket, Zoa Burner.


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