What is Zoa?


Zoa is our range of gear for on, off and around the bike.

A set of products designed to help you do more.


The idea for Zoa came about because we saw that the top riders in ultra endurance racing were using gear from climbing and outdoor brands, not cycling brands, when taking on these events. We thought that a cycling brand should be able to make products that were more cycling specific, and therefore suitable, for these events.



We also felt that those products, which by their nature need to be highly versatile, would then be useful for people in their everyday lives.



The demands of modern ultra racing, which often requires riding long hours through the day and night in all weather conditions and temperatures, camping out, hiking with your bike, as well as many other unpredictable challenges, requires high performing and versatile kit.

This coincides with a convergence of cycling and outdoor more generally, as more and more people are discovering that cycling is an amazing way to see the outdoors. Be it via roads or trails, it’s possible to experience a huge variety of terrain, landscapes and weather in a single day.



So, we created a range of clothing packed with features that would be useful for cyclists, both on and off the bike.


From the start we were adamant that the Zoa range would be a platform for us to partner with the best fabric mills and trim suppliers, utilising the latest technologies to create highly functional, modern cycling products.

So far, that has meant working with Pertex on fabrics and Primaloft on insulation, with both brands undisputed leaders in their respective categories. Working closely with these partners has meant access to their latest technologies, and our Zoa rain Shell was among the first products to market using Pertex’s revolutionary Shield Air fabric concept.



So whether it’s riding, hiking, or however you choose to go outside, Zoa products have been created to help you stay outside for longer.




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