Further EAST – In Pictures

The East of England is a maligned area of the UK.

Unloved, from Luton to Southend, Norfolk to Bedfordshire.

It is not a place that is celebrated in British cycling culture.

This is the area where Camille McMillan, mastermind of Further, grew up riding.

So this year, Further East was created.

650km of mixed terrain racing, 50% off road, around the East of England.

The story of this year’s race is that it was won in some style by Neil Philips, in a time of 27 hours and 56 minutes.

He didn’t stop much.

There were some good battles all the way through the field.

Philippa Battye was the first woman to finish, in a time of 34 hours 47 minutes.

22 people started, 14 finished.

Everyone found it hard.

Below is the story of the race, in pictures.

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