We’re passionate about making great quality garments that last.

We want our customers to enjoy years of use from the products they buy from us.

We also understand that accidents can happen.

So, as part of our commitment to both our customers and our products, we offer free repairs on all Albion garments.

There are two main ways in which we can help you with repairs:
– Our free repairs service
– Our DIY Repair Kit

Our Free Repairs Service

Within reason, we’ll always endeavour to do what we can to keep your Albion products going, ensuring that you get the most use and the longest life you can out of them.

If you have a repair that you’d like to discuss with us, please email and we’ll be happy to help you.

If we can’t repair it, we’ll make you an offer of a discount for replacing it.

*Please note: the Albion Repairs Programme is to aid the life of products where crashes and accidents have caused damage. We will do everything we can to mend a product, but wear-and-tear beyond fault or reasonable use cannot be guaranteed. We cannot offer individual modifications. Customers are liable for postage of repairs to our UK repairs address, we post out repaired items free of charge.

Our DIY Repair Kit

Sometimes, a simple patch is all that is needed.

For a small one-off cost to cover sending it to you, we’ve created the Repair Kit as a simple way to help you get back on the road faster, more efficiently and with a reduced environmental impact.

The Albion Repair Kit is a set of iron-on patches for simple, quick, hassle free repairs at home or on the move.

All you need is a standard domestic iron, a thin cloth or tea towel, and an ironing board or table top, and you’ll be able to patch up minor tears or snags quickly and easily with minimal fuss.

The kit contains five different sized and shaped patches in colours designed to work with, and complement, the Albion colour palette, and they can be used on any of the fabrics in our range.

Repair Kit Instructions

What you’ll need:
– Domestic iron
– Ironing board
– Thin damp cloth
– Repair kit

Step 1: Review the repair; Make sure the area is clean, and pressed flat
Step 2: Select a patch which covers the repair fully.
Step 3: Place the repair section flat on an ironing board. Use weights to hold if needed.
Step 4: Place the repair patch to completely cover the hole, with the shiny side down.
Step 5: Place a thin, damp cotton cloth or clean tea towel over the patch. Make sure you do not move the patch out of position while placing the cloth
Step 6: Set the iron temperature to cotton or three dots. Place the iron on the cloth over the repair patch and repair. Hold down for 20/25 seconds (ensure no steam is used). Allow to cool for a few minutes.
Step 7: Turn garment inside out, cover repair with cloth, and press for another 20-25 seconds. Remove cloth and allow to cool completely.
Step 8: When cool, check the patch is secure; if it is not fixed, repeat steps 5, 6, 7 until secure.
Step 9: You are now ready to use your repaired garment!

– Some ironing boards are open mesh; place a solid, heat proof surface under the fabric cover to ensure consistent pressure across the patch
– Before beginning the repair process, if there are any loose, frayed threads, carefully trim them away to clean up the surface that is being repaired
– Patch not sticking? It may be the iron is not hot enough so be sure to follow the settings, hold the iron on for the allotted time and leave to cool. Make sure to press down on the edges to ensure it adheres fully to the material.
– Photograph before & after, to see how well you have repaired your garment

Please contact for more information about the Repair Kit.