Warm. Breathable. Recycled.

Whether it’s a long ride in cold conditions or a multi-day tour in the mountains, the Albion Insulated Jacket has been created for riders seeking ultimate versatility and performance from a lightweight, warm and packable ‘do everything’ jacket.

Using Clo’s innovative Eco Vivo recycled insulation concept, this jacket has been engineered to give the wearer warmth where it’s needed whilst also optimising breathability and packability.

Clo’s unique and patented Eco Vivo insulation concept is characterised by a series of tiny apertures set within the insulation to enhance the breathability, without losing thermal performance.

Moisture is drawn away from the body and through the insulation, with tests demonstrating that the Vivo concept increases the breathability of the insulation by over 30%, when used between breathable fabrics.

Clo Eco Vivo is made using 93% recycled fibres from single-use plastic bottles.

When designing this jacket our aim was create something that was lightweight and warm, but also breathable enough to be used on the bike.

So we engineered a design to include panels of insulation in the key areas where warmth and protection from the elements is required – across the collar, chest and upper arms, and a column down the spine – whilst leaving a number of non-insulated panels in areas to allow the garment to breathe – under the armpits, on the back of the garment either side of the spine, and on the forearms.

The result is a lightweight garment combining warmth, breathability, and packability that is optimised for on-bike use.

With a DWR coating on the face fabric also providing shower resistance, we’ve created a jacket packed with performance to keep you warm and protected when riding through countries, continents and weather conditions.

View the product here.

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