Cent Cols Challenge Appennini

“There is never an easy day on a Cent Cols Challenge.”

I’ve heard this said many times, always with a wry smile.

Stats can be studied, strategies planned, but if the weather decides to dial the score, everything changes.

The strong unite; the tough get tougher.

A group of 18 CCC riders were challenged by six and a half consecutive days of cold rain in the Apennini mountains on the first of four CCC events this year.

Their resilience and positive attitudes were finally rewarded as they topped the Gran Sasso on Stage 7 under blue skies that stayed with them until the end of their journey.

Phil Deeker, June 2019.


At the end of last month we spent a few days following the first Cent Cols Challenge of the year as they headed southeast through the Apennine range in central Italy.

The trip encompassed 10 stages, with riders journeying 2,009km and climbing 42,760 vertical metres over 100 cols.

Below are some photographs from the trip.




























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