Adventures on film in the British Isles

A few weeks ago as part of an event in Bristol, we put on an evening of short films to showcase some of the places and the stories that have inspired us here at Albion.

The theme of the night was ‘Adventures on film in the British Isles’, with our aim to highlight some of the people and the pursuits taking place on our small group of islands that have influenced us in the past few years.

You can watch the five films we chose in full, below.


Heading North (2017)
by Albion

Our own film about one man’s attempt to ride from London to Edinburgh in 24 hours.


Dark side of the lens (2010)
by Mickey Smith

An award-winning and critically acclaimed cold water surf short, balancing poetic narration with stunning visuals.


Of Fells and Hills (2015)
by Salomon

Esoteric long-distance runner Rickey Gates heads to the Lake District, home of fell running, to immerse himself in the historic running culture there.


Experiments in Speed (2013)
by Donhou

Tom Donhou is a custom frame builder from London in the UK. This film tells the story of his attempt to build a bike and see how fast it could go.


Right to Roam (2017)
by Patagonia

A trip to Scotland which tells the story of the Scottish Access Code, and how personal accountability allows for universal land access in one of the world’s most beautiful places.

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