Isle of Arran by Owen Powell

Albion and artist Owen Powell have collaborated on a unique print of the Isle of Arran, rendered using 3D Lidar data.

The 16″ x 12″ print is available to purchase – please contact for details.

Owen Powell is a data visualisation artist using open source mapping data to create beautifully detailed images and 3D terrain models. He said this about the project:

“In line with England & Wales, Scotland has released its Public Sector Lidar data as open data, allowing access to some very detailed elevation data. Some of the best data was found on the Isle of Arran, which I spent a long time looking at across the Firth of Clyde on recent trip to Scotland.

The image shows the northern tip of the island from the south east, at an oblique angle with a shallow light angle to accentuate the rugged terrain.

The image utilises a function of Blender 3d software called ‘adaptive subdivision’, which turns a flat height map derived from the DTM (digital elevation model) into a 3d model at the time of rendering, that allows for high levels of detail in nearer the camera, but is reduces detail with distance.”

This is the second collaboration between Albion and Owen Powell. Last year, Owen created a 3D terrain model of the Irfon valley in Wales, one of the locations for Albion’s first riding trip.

View the piece, as well as an interview with Owen Powell, here.

You can view Owen’s other work on his blog, here.

Contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0. Contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2018.

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